OneID Data midrange solution

2023-07-20 10:47


With the development of mobile Internet technology and the promotion of digital technology, mobile applications have become an important channel for connecting brands and customers. Due to the development of contact business in each channel during the process of brand development, the problems of enterprise contact data fragmentation, weak personalized marketing ability, and insufficient connection between brands and marketing have gradually emerged.

The oneid data center, supported by the "comprehensive, accurate, unified and safe" intelligent big data system, plays the role of connecting customers, brands and dealers, and will become the foundation for the future mobile travel business model of automobile brands!


Core advantage: the pioneer in the digital transformation of automobile enterprises and the leader in the data field


Pioneer: Verified in complex scenarios by multiple frontline car companies


Leading: Complete solutions support ecological construction


Scenarios: Rich and segmented scenario-based solutions

//Direction of assistance
We will continue to deepen industry research, continue product innovation, help solve customer pain points, face the digital Big data construction, management and application demands of the automotive industry, provide one-stop intelligent data construction and management capabilities from data access to data consumption, create an intelligent data system with comprehensive data, accurate data, unified service and safe risk control, and help automotive enterprises comprehensively improve their digital marketing capabilities:



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