Construction and Management of Digital Exhibition Hall System

2018-08-27 10:49

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       The digital exhibition hall not only applies a large amount of advanced and mainstream multimedia and 3D technology to provide customers with highly visual impact and technological display content, but also mainly connects with online links as an input and output channel for product marketing and customer data information. On the one hand, it obtains customer attention in a legal and compliant manner, and on the other hand, it rapidly improves products or services through statistical data analysis to improve their quality.

Through the construction of digital showrooms, we aim to comprehensively upgrade our car dealership:

(1) Interactive experience digitization
(2) Intelligent reception services
(3) Accurate customer service


//Composition of digital exhibition hall

     Electronic price tags, interactive large screens, intelligent robots


Electronic price boardThe vehicle model information is displayed on IPAD electronic display racks, which not only solves the problem of delayed updates of paper-based information in the dealership, but also facilitates various information inquiries and displays through human-computer interaction, and can collect access information.




Interactive large screen:By using interactive large screens to achieve virtual car matching display, while increasing customer purchasing experience, the car matching information is transmitted to the backend system to support subsequent sales processes, solving problems such as incomplete dealership models and unclear display effects.



Intelligent robot:Human-computer interaction is used to proactively identify customers and provide precise services, improving customer experience and reducing service pressure caused by insufficient sales consultants. At the same time, customer information is collected without feeling, and customer profiles are continuously improved to enhance customer conversion capabilities.


In the future, digital methods will become an increasingly important part of life,
The development prospects of multimedia digital exhibition halls are enormous,
The equipment in the digital exhibition hall will continue to improve,
Make the digital exhibition hall more charming.

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